Deorrick (Dee) Henry
B.S. Kinesiology 
Certified Strength and 
Conditioning Specialist

Dee is a former collegiate (Angelo State) and professional football player (Arena2 league) who is very passionate and dedicated to his profession and his clients. Dee has been training adults and young athletes for over a decade. After years of running one of the a very successful fitness boot camp, Dee wanted to offer a fitness program that did more than just get people hyped up, but give them an opportunity to exercise at a level that would produce long lasting results. In 2013 Dee started his journey to become a certified strength coach. A certification held mostly by collegiate and professional coaches, Dee wanted to provide an opportunity for adults and young athletes to get a professional experience. And it didn't stop there. Dee spent time mentoring under Mike Boyle who is arguably one of (if not the the) top strength coaches in the world! Dee takes pride in his profession and is extremely passionate. He provides the highest level of service to all of his clients regardless of age or fitness level. Dee believes that everyone has potential and age is a choice and it's based on lifestyle not a number.

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