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​Our Small Group Personal Training for adults is a program that helps adults move better and feel better. This program is tailored specifically to the needs of the individual clients' fitness level. Whether your goal is toning, weight loss, you play competitive sports, injury rehabilitation or to simply get a great workout. our coaches can cater to the needs of adults of all ages and fitness levels. We focus daily on improving muscle quality and flexibility, increasing upper and lower body ability, building full body strength and enhancing your cardiovascular fitness. Simply put our program is designed to help you move better and become healthier than you ever have in your life. During the workout, the group of no more than 12 adults covers the following: Myofascial Release (Foam Roll) Static Stretching, Active Warm Up, Functional Strength Training, Conditioning

Small Group Personal Training schedule, cost and detail Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays @ 5:15am & 9am 

(60 minute sessions)

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Adult Small Group-

12 pack (3x per week)-$199 Best value!
8 pack (2x per week)-$175
4 pack (1x per week)-$125


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